Travels with Max: 9/11

I am awash with emotions today. As we drive toward Seattle with a mere 2 hours to go I am excited and dreamy about what lies ahead. Last night we stayed with friends, people who have 3 children. Max was in heaven. He played and played. At some point the three children came in and one of them asked their father about 9/11, why such a thing happened, and specifics about the day. Where they were, what they did, etc. I listened attentively until I noticed for the first time that Max was absent. I asked where he was and one of the older children pointed to the back yard and started laughing. The sprinklers, on a timer, had come on, and my two year old son was outside running through the water, laughing as hard as he could, all by himself. I watched him with a big smile on my face and thought how lucky I am to be on this journey, both this trip, and the larger journey. How lucky that I also have a little more time until those questions are poised to me, as I feel I need more time to decide how to answer, to consider what it means to me, because every year that seems to change.

In the last 2 weeks I have seen this country in all it’s beautiful, angry, amazing, glory and along the way have been taken cared for by it. This county is nothing but those people who occupy it and friends and family all over took us in and made us feel like everywhere was home. Something terrible sweeps across this country and we are all taken by it, but we then take care of each other and find comfort with those we share this place with.

So for now I’ll just keep mulling it over, and consider the best way to approach that conversation. To my most recent home, New York, I love you. Thank you for taking care of me.






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