Today is the last day I will live in the New York area. I just walked down 6th Avenue and said a proper goodbye. I gave her a kiss, and a hug, told her what a fickle bitch she was, and that I would always love her. Cause I will. I love her. For all it’s contradictions and urine smells in the Summer, I still lover her. I came here with one intention. To live. Just to see what that was like, and I did it. It has been one the most difficult places I have ever resided, but also one of the greatest. Never have I seen anywhere with such visible income inequality and never have I seen a population more willing to help each other when they needed it. I watched people people I love start to become famous and I watched famous people I knew pass away. There is something to be said for the expression New York minute. Things change here faster than anyplace else in the world. The city is a living thing all based around peoples dreams, needs, and desires. The population of New York city is about 8.337 Million. The population of Seattle is 634 thousand. I’m looking forward to that change. To have more space and more green, especially for my son. I will miss the culture and all the different kinds of people, being surrounded by people of all colors and hearing languages from all over the world.  Mostly I will miss my friends.  You know who you are.  You have been there through the most important parts of my families life, including when that family was born.  You were always there, every single time we needed you, and most of the time we never even had to ask.  Thank you.

Tomorrow morning, very early, we will get up, load the car, and drive away. Me, Nicole, and Max are going to go see the country for a bit and then drive into Seattle to plant some roots. On the way over there I’m hoping to post a blow by blow of what it’s like driving across the country with a toddler, which could be just as interesting as New York City. See you soon lady.

photo 1


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