Last week

I had an epic post prepared.   It was long.  I wrote about play writing, bombs, sorrow, prosthetic limbs and everything else that comes with a week full of such terrible things.  I don’t know how many pages it would have been.  It’s funny how we don’t really use that measurement here.  No pages, just writing.  I wrote for what felt like hours about how I felt and then I just stopped.  I was connecting things I had no business connecting because it felt better than having no connection at all.  I wasn’t making conspiracies or anything just trying to equate smaller things in the world to the bigger and find the loose threads that equal last week.  On Saturday I changed my mind about what I had to say.

That afternoon I was on the sidewalk with Max.  At 15 months he’s quite a walker and now that it’s Spring he loves to be outside.  One of his favorite things are trucks.  He loves trucks.  Especially fire trucks and ambulances.  I think those are special to any little kid.  So much color.  More generally he loves trucks.  Trucks of all kinds.  He sees one and he points excitedly.  So we stand on the corner and watch as the cars and truck stop at the stop sign and he waves at them all.  After we had been there for five or ten minutes this big dark SUV, complete with slightly tinted windows, pulls up.  The bass is pumping loud as smoke leaks out the cracked windows, and I can see inside just enough to be able to tell that there are 4 guys with that distinctive thug appearance, sitting there, bouncing to the music.

Max, being Max, loving their truck, waves.  I see one of them turn their head and the window comes down a little.  He smiles and waves back to Max.  Max laughs and grins.  Then all of the other guys in the car smile and wave.  As they drove away I waved too.  The kid teaches me everyday about how to be kind.  He’s 15 months old and he knows more than most adults.  It makes me wonder when exactly we forget these things.  Kindness is very simple, but can be hard for grown ups.  I want to be more like Max and spend more time smiling and waving to people when I think I know who they are and how they will behave.

The only part of my deleted post I do want to keep is this.  For those Senators that voted down gun legislation that would have made is harder for people to lay their hands on a gun.  Don’t vote for them.  Don’t give them money.  The majority of this country is all for a change in our gun laws.  Below are the names and twitter handles for each senator who voted down that legislation.  The power for this lays in the process of democracy.  I don’t care if you are a democrat, republican, or in the tea party, if you believe in gun reform, don’t vote for them.  Change in this country comes from our vote.  So don’t vote for these people.  It’s simple.  That way Max can stand on the corner and wave as you drive by.  I promise he will be there and I promise you will not be able to help smiling back.


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